Chapter 1 Dream Sequence

They’ve promised that dreams can come true, but forgot to mention that nightmares are dreams too.
~Oscar Wilde

      I quickly strode through the alleyway. The darkness and isolation was giving me goosebumps, and I needed to get back to the dorm immediately; who knows what could be lurking in the shadows?

      “Dreamkeeper…” a male voice sang. I turned around to face the sound, but saw nothing. Shaking off the fear I felt, I continued walking, when the voice sang again, “Dreamkeeper…”

      “You Dreamer!” A female voice chimed on the tail of the other, holding the note.

      I whipped back around and stammered, “Who-who’s there?”

      The invisible singers stopped, and a wind threw me flat on my back. I let out a gasp, as the air was whisked out of my body. My breathing soon steadied and, almost instantly after, a cackle hit my ears. I froze as I faced what appeared to be a wave of light. My breathing picked up and my heart rate increased tenfold, yet my body refused to move; stupid fight-or-flight response! The surf froze before making contact, a girl standing in front of it with her arm outstretched and her back to me. The wave vanished, going into her palm.

      “Thank you.” I said. She jumped. “You sa—.” My savior turned around and I saw myself looking back. Her eyes were wide with surprise. Then the emotion switched, an intense hatred overtaking them, her pupils glowing a bright orange in the streetlamps.


      I shot up, my breath ragged. Something shifted in the darkness and I looked to the foot of my bed. My cat, Bailey, looked up at me with tired brown eyes. She yawned before stretching and treading through the shadows to reach me. I stroked the cat, trying to regain my breath. Closing my eyes to see a wave, I jumped out of bed, running towards the French windows to escape the nightmare. I threw them open, going as far as I could, and stopping at the banister that separated my balcony from the empty air. Standing at my perch and wringing my hands on the white paling, I searched the backyard for anything out of the ordinary.

      My scanning slowed as I realized the lack of noise. My manic breathing and my hand-wringing stopped as I looked at the dew-tinted grass being lit up by the moonlight. A warm, summer breeze tickled my skin as I inhaled the rain-scented air and my shoulders came down with me. A smile played on my lips as I exhaled, my nerves calming slightly. I looked to the sky, leaning over the balcony as I laughed at myself for getting scared of the nightmare I had. Getting attacked by light in an alleyway? What a ridiculous thing to dream up.

      My smile faded as I thought back to my double: dark brown hair, red and white corset dress and tiara glowing in the moonlight, brilliant blue eyes full of malice, the freckles dotting her nose immensely dark…

      Looking down at my feet, Bailey was rubbing on my leg. She meowed. Sighing, I took a seat on the balcony and Bailey jumped into my lap. Moving my hand from her head down to her tail, Bailey purred and rubbed her whiskers against my hand, signaling it was time for me to scratch. I started to do as she wished, when a yawn slipped past my lips and I snapped my mouth shut. Can’t sleep. I reminded myself with a headshake.

      “Why? Because that dream’s going to come true?” A voice questioned, sounding exactly like my own.


      “Listen to yourself! You just had a nightmare; your brain made it up. It always makes up crazy things. Like that time you were a wizard at Hogwarts and dated Harry.”

      Okay, that may have been a little far-fetched but-.

      “Or what about the time you fought Voldemort’s brother and he looked like your Precalc teacher? That dream you had is no different from the one I just described. It’s just another illusion; it has no basis in fact. Have your dreams ever come true before?” I tried to think of a scenario but came up empty. “Exactly. Go to bed. You won’t get hurt. Plus, tomorrow’s your first day of college!” I smiled. “You’re leaving home for four years, finally being independent! Get excited! Don’t worry about some stupid little dream; there are bigger things happening.”

      Looking to the moon again, I yawned, this time deeper than before. I checked my watch and sighed as I pulled myself up from the floor. Although logic (and the voice in my head) said it was impossible that one of my dreams could meet the harshness of reality, part of me couldn’t agree so easily. I looked back at the balcony, running up to it to steal a last glance at the stars. I squeezed the rail again as I made a wish; that nothing would hurt me tomorrow, that everything would be perfect. Opening my eyes, I realized that I had to go sleep unless I wanted to be tired for the 6-hour car ride up to Muse. And we’d be waking up around 6 too, so that would make me feel even worst.

      I gulped before turning around. Trudging toward my bed with a sort of somber anxiety, a fear of the future, a little voice in the back of my head begged beg for me to reconsider. Begged for me to stay up with my cat and just enjoy the time I had left. The pleading grew more desperate as I got closer, but fell silent as I crossed August 24th off the calendar and settled into bed. I’m not special like that. I tried to reassure myself. It won’t come true; it’s just a stupid little nightmare. I bit my lip, and closed my eyes, just hoping that was true.

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