The Three Keys to Power Control

In the world of Dreamer, there are a variety of powers that exist: Reality Warping, Gyrokinesis (Gravity Manipulation), Telekinesis, Haemokinesis (Blood Manipulation), Photo (Light Manipulation) and Umbrakinesis (Shadow Manipulation), etc. but for all of the differences in the abilities, the basis for these powers are the same. To learn how to use your powers and use them well, you still have to abide bu the Three Keys to Power Control.

Key 1: Strength

Strength and Willpower are vital to everything that needs to be done. Increasing your resilience and how much your mind and body can take allows you to test your limits and ensure that they can take the stress being put on it. According to Maya’s grandmother, Mira Beshmer,

“Willpower is one of the biggest keys to anything really, but especially when it comes to any supernatural abilities. I told you this story (See “1355” and “1425” sections of The History of the True Dreamer) because Joan and Aida never gave up; they kept fighting and kept going and trying new things. They persevered. And when it comes to your powers, you have to keep fighting and trying to get better at it. Know when to rest too—burning out won’t do you any good and might even harm you if you keep it up daily—but still go for as long as you can. And if you think you can’t go anymore, I’m sure you’ll be able to.

Strength is also vital to the other two keys, as knowing your limits helps your self-efficacy and sense of control. Belief that you can do something (and a demonstration that supports it) helps confidence and boosts morale.

Key 2: Control

Related to the first key, Control comes as a result of the practice. Still dependent on the third and first key, control varies from person to person. Your mental and physical ability can effect how quickly you start to control their powers, and how much practice will have to be done to harness your powers. However, “control” also means emotional control; how well you can control your emotions to make sure you don’t lash out. Even if you’re a Pathos Dreamer and your powers don’t allow you to directly effect emotions, knowing what you’re feeling and keeping those feelings in check are still exceedingly useful. For example, fear will make your powers automatically come out as a means of defense, but control is lost as a result of the panicked state. The same goes for anger. However, this isn’t to say “don’t have emotions” or “don’t let your emotions show” , as emotions can be both a positive and a negative. Once again, according to Mira,

I remember my mom telling me that whenever I had a nightmare, my Gyrokinesis made me start launching things across the room in my sleep and that they had to wake me up to get it to stop. And there was also the possibility of those dreams coming true, which they did on a few occasions, so those are two powers out of control because I couldn’t keep my emotions in check. Now, if you can take that fear or anger or whatever it is you’re feeling, and focus it without overwhelming yourself, you’re in business. Whenever someone was threatening someone I cared about, or even threatening someone in general, I directed my anger at them and my powers were stronger because of it; my anger fueled the fire in me.

Control over emotions leads to a somewhat easier practicing sessions, which leads to even greater control over the abilities themselves. Control over your emotions and control over the powers themselves helps greatly when it comes to harnessing certain abilities and facets of a power that may be really advanced.

Key Three: Attitude

Your Attitude helps in determining the disposition you might take when using a power, and as such, can affect such things as the amount of effort put into training. Belief that something will fail or won’t work against an opponent may lead to hesitation to even use the power and, if forced, could make the power do very little damage, if any at all. Cockiness, overconfidence, or simply being overzealous can also cause complications. The first two simply because an exceedingly strong belief in your abilities (for example, believing you’re invincible and could never be taken down by someone thought of as weaker than you) could be proven futile and quickly give way to fear, anxiety, and panic should anything not go as planned. Overzealousness can lead to something similar, as being overeager to attack can lead to you either overexerting yourself or scrambling to find an attack after the first hit, which could cloud vision and cause you to simply defaulting to your strongest power (thus weakening you as a whole) or gradually weaker attacks as panic begins to set in. Confidence in powers should exist, but not an overconfidence. In one last quote from Mira,

You have to trust yourself, trust your powers, and trust your experience. Trust everything that you poured into using your powers correctly. If you don’t, you’ll either not be able to use them at all, or if you do, they’ll be really weak. But confidence isn’t the end of it; pessimism hinders progress. If you always think that things are going to end badly or people are out to get you or any negative thought, then you won’t go anywhere.

If one or more of these keys aren’t present, there can be a variety of different effects, ranging from the power simply not happening to sporadic usage that can attack any and all people in question, including you. And if someone you know and love has been attacked by a power of yours, even if on accident, blame and self-doubt might very likely set in and even further hinder progress as you try to rebuild your belief in yourself and confidence in your abilities to help and protect people.

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