Forget Me Maybe

“Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” I heard a little boy yell as he jumped onto me. I turned over and laughed as I lifted up my son, “Hey kiddo.” Out of my peripheral vision, I noticed a strange man next to me. I shot up, screaming. He simply looked at me and wiped the crust from his eyes. “Who-who are you and what are you doing in my house?” I pulled the little boy closer to me.

The foreigner propped himself up on an elbow and looked at me, sympathy in his eyes. “Rosalyn, it’s me. It’s Joseph, your husband.”

“I’m not married!” I sought to disprove him.

“Look at your hand.” I looked down and saw the ring. It was golden with a small diamond in the middle. I turned it over and saw the inscription, “Joseph & Rosalyn forever and always.” A flash quickly passed before my eyes and I saw myself walking down the aisle in a wedding dress, Joseph at the end waiting for me.

I snapped out of it and my son looked at me, scared. His eyes were chocolate brown and his hair dark brown. He was holding a raggedy brown teddy bear with one ear torn off; stuffing was spilling out of the toy like blood would a person. He was wearing light blue pajamas, clouds adorning it. “Daddy,” he asked, “what’s wrong with mommy?”

I looked at the man who, apparently, I was married to.  “Malcolm, go to your room. Mommy and daddy will be there in a second.” The little boy followed his father’s instructions and exited the room, bear in tow. “Sorry about that,” Joseph apologized. “He’s a really active boy.” He then smiled, “Gets that from his mother.”

I looked at him again, confused. What was I like? And why didn’t I remember anything? What happened to me for me to lose my memory? I looked around the room. There was an open closet and several dresses in it. “I’m gonna go get dressed.” I announced as I walked for the wardrobe. “You, just don’t leave.”

He lazily saluted, “Yes ma’am.” I swiped a random dress and exited, heading for the bathroom. I quickly exited and put on some ruby red slippers before looking myself over in the full-length mirror that sat near the dresser. I was wearing a white and red dress that I noticed had the Soviet Union emblem stitched into its body, although it was hard to see. My dark brown hair was messy.

I looked over my body; I didn’t even recognize myself. I realized something instantly—I was asking the wrong question. It shouldn’t be what don’t I remember; it should be do I remember and how can I stop myself from forgetting that too.

Joseph approached me and hugged me from behind. I gave a terrified shriek, then a moan as he softly kissed my neck. “You’re wearing the wrong dress…” He whispered.

I looked at him and joked, “I’m sorry; is this yours?”

A light chuckle flew from his lips. “At least not all of you is gone. No, you have work. You’re a nurse.” He pointed to the door and I saw my nurse’s outfit hanging from the back of it.

“Right.” I grabbed the outfit and headed for the bathroom. I know I’m ‘married’ to Joseph (as my wedding ring proves), but I’m not who he remembers and he’s not who I remember, so until I know more, I’m not stripping for anyone.

“And you might want to hurry; Talia’s downstairs waiting.” I quickly changed clothes and rolled up the dress before putting it in a beige purse, which hung from the towel rack on the back of the door. I don’t know why I just shoved it in there, but I did; as if, my body has done it countless times before. I heard a horn honk and a voice call, “Rosalyn, let’s go!”

“Coming!” I yelled a reply as I rushed down the stairs. I opened the door and saw a pink Lamborghini awaiting me. In front of it stood my friend, Talia in a sparkling pink dress highly reminiscent of Glinda the Good Witch, although it wasn’t puffy as it went down. I also saw the Soviet Union emblem on her dress as well, embedded in the sparkles on her shoulder.

“Nice outfit Dorothy.” She smirked, looking me over.  “You still want me to drive you or would you rather click your heels and chant ‘There’s no place like work’ three times?”

“Ha-ha.” I said as I hopped in the passenger seat. “Don’t you normally travel in a bubble?” Her smile faded and I smirked. “Let’s go.”

“Bring your dress?”

“What dress?”

“The red and white one. The one with the Soviet Union emblem on it?”

“How’d you know about that?”

“We’re best friends; have been since we could walk. Don’t you think I’d kinda know what’s in your closet? Do you have it?”

“Yeah, but why’d you ask? It’s just a dress.”

“You’ll find out soon.” She faced in front of her. “Abramov and Pavlovsky,” she said into the dashboard. A monitor popped up and a laser flashed itself into my and Talia’s eyes before vanishing. The monitor dropped back down and the seatbelt suddenly snapped itself over my shoulder. The car also grew wings on its sides.

“What the-?” I unbuckled my seat belt and practically jumped out of the car. “Talia, what’s going on?” I yelled.

“Sh. Keep your voice down.”

“Tell me what’s going on. Why does the car wings? Why did it scan me? What’s going on?”

Talia sighed before taking out a tube of lipstick. “Hopefully this helps.” She twisted it, the lipstick portion pointed at me. A blue mist was sprayed into my eyes and I rubbed them once the mist dissipated. “Ros, you remember me? What are we?”

“Ty moy drug. My medsester. (You are my friend. We are nurses.)” I answered.

“At least she can still speak Russian.” She muttered.

“I’ve always spoke fluent Russian; don’t remember taking it in school though.”

“Because it’s your primary language. Your name is Rosalyn Cadence Abramov and you were born in Yasenevo, Moscow. We’re American-based, Russian agents. Now, hop in the car; we have to go get our assignment.”

“Wha-? I thought we were just nurses.”

“As a cover, yes, but in all reality, we’re far from ‘just nurses’.” I stood there, thinking. Is this really who I was? Some secret agent? I don’t even remember her or any missions that we would’ve gone on… then again, I don’t know much of anything. I sighed. Guess I gotta take a chance. I got back in the car and buckled myself in.

Talia sped off, taking me with her on our mission. What about my son? What about my husband? What if I don’t come back? The thought flew into my mind quicker than the car’s speed, which was at 35 and rising as we soared higher and higher. I looked to my friend, who stole a glance at my face. “Relax Ros, you’re coming back. You may have gotten amnesia, but I’m bringing you back to Malcolm and Joseph alive, so help me God.” Talia tried to reassure me; ‘tried’ being the operative word. I’m not going to believe it until I can hold my little boy in my arms again.

We had just reached the hospital and instead of stopping in the parking lot like a normal person, Talia went full speed ahead into the building. She made a hard right with the wheel and the car drifted into a spot

I noticed we were in an underground parking lot—level B-3—and by the wall. There wasn’t a single car in sight. “Come on.” She exited the car with a keycard around her neck. “The director wants to meet us inside.” She walked me to the elevator and put her keycard up to a scanner. A laser shot itself into her eye.

“Agent Talia Pavlovsky.” The robotic voice said. We were suddenly whisked upward and seconds later stopped. “Follow me.” Talia gestured for me to come with her.

I was still in the elevator, trying to adjust my body to the sudden leap 5 stories. Clutching my stomach, I answered, “One second…”

“You’ll get used to it.” She began to walk forward again.

“Hey, wait up!” I rushed to catch up with her. It was dark and we continued walking.

“That’s odd. We’re the only ones here. Where’s the director?”

“Don’t ask me; I lost my-. Ah! Blyad! (Fuck!) Blyad! Blyad! Jesus that hurt!” I screeched as I clutched my injured knee and hopped on my other leg; I banged into the stupid table.

“Hold on; let me find the light switch.” After a few moments, the lights brightened up the room, and I saw the place in shambles.

Everything in the many cubicles was destroyed, and the walls themselves had been broken down. The windows were cracked as well—cracked, not broken. “What happened here? Were we attacked?”

“Most definitely.” I heard a raspy voice say from behind. I started to turn in the direction of the voice when something hard hit the back of my head and everything faded to black.

I murmured incoherently as I awoke to a clicking of fingers hitting a keyboard. I furled my eyebrows in confusion; why was I was in the air? Looking below me (above me?), I realized I was dangling above a pit of lava. Why was this in the office? A man had turned away from the large computer monitor in the back of the room and come around to face Talia and me. He had on an eye patch and clothes that made him look like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers in Goldmember.

“Hello agents Abramov and Pavlovsky.” He said. “So nice of you to wake up. Now, I need some information from you two. I need the code to access your database. And I need you to tell it to me.”

“Never!” Talia said.

“Okay then…” He said. “Suit yourselves.” He took out a remote control and hit a button. We started to be lowered down into the pit, Talia looking at the man with a steely determination. Meanwhile, I was starting to hyperventilate with a singular thought playing in my mind: What did I get myself into?

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