History of The True Dreamer

In the world of Dreamer, there exists a variety of species, ranging from humans to human-like and even divine. The species with the most power, however, is the one the book is named after: the Dreamers. Scientifically called Somnium fatum (latin for “dreamers of destiny”), the Dreamers look very similar to modern day humans, with the exceptions of their typical eye colors being more unique contrasts of human eye colors (brilliant and frost blue instead of the typical blue, red, purple, emerald green, etc.) and, perhaps a more obvious show of their powers and abilities, the strongest of which is their Dreaming. Comprised of three different abilities (Dream Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, and Reality Manipulation), the Dreamers can manipulate these  to varying degrees. The most powerful of these Dreamers is known in all universes in which they exist as the “True Dreamer”, whose history is rich and stretches back to the beginning of human history and civilization.


The Dreamers didn’t initially exist, with the job of weaving destiny via thread and loom as something for their creators, The Moirai, also called “The Fates”. Clotho uses a French spindle to measure out a person’s lifespan, Lachesis uses a staff capable of swiping a small percentage of the person’s soul and then transforms that into their thread, and Atropos carries a scroll that determines when a person’s time has come and uses a pair of scissors to cut the thread, thus ending the person’s life and allowing them to move onto The Afterlife. This set up worked for the first generation but quickly spiraled out of control as new universes were being created for each and every split path that a person could’ve gone down, no matter how small or inconsequential the choice they made was in to the end result of their life. After a generation of this and the quickly forming multiverse (a collection of universes), The Moirai created used clumps of land in Providence, the plane of fate, to make the first generation of Weavers (soon to become “Dreamers”).

Made with the express intention to weave fate, the Weavers received their Fate and Reality manipulating abilities, as well as the destinies they needed to weave by the three Moirai. These Weavers were sent down in groups to the various Earths of the many universes and told to weave the fates of the species living on the planet, including themselves, as their effect on people’s lives and the Earth could not be ignored.

The first three to touch down on their respective Earths were given the title of Yfantés (“weavers” in Greek) and the others simply called Dreamers, when it was revealed they could manipulate reality via dreams. The Yfantés received orders telepathically from The Moirai to perform their tasks and were given looms for the species and items tailored to their job. However, due to The Dream Daemon–an entity that exists on a different plane–declaring war on the newly-named Dreamers, and the other species of Earth gearing up to protect their fellow earth species against demonic and angelic threats, the looms were moved from a static place not unlike to a Town Square to the inside of a book.

The Three Yfantés were the only ones allowed to enter the book, make visible the looms and threads, examine histories, future life paths, and weave those prospective paths into or out of existence. This all happened through a point on their palm that connected them to the book and allowed them to move their souls and consciousness into it.

1355 and the Spark of Hope

The extinction of the Addonexxi, a supernatural species that lived alongside humans and Dreamers, and deceased humans being transformed into Angels and fighting against their former allies decreased morale across the multiverse. The tide of the war turned in the Daemon’s favor. Angry with this turn of events, one of the three Yfantés of Universe 1,590, Aïda Diakité, armed herself for battle. Embedding herself with some of the strength of the Dreamer loom (a loom that, along with containing the fates of the species, held within it the collective strength of all Dreamers in her universe), she challenges The Dream Daemon in his realm. Due to The Daemon being all-powerful in this realm, Aïda died.

This direct challenging of The Daemon’s authority, however, sent a message to the humans and Dreamers of her Earth, those fighting against the Daemon in other parts of the multiverse, and The Moirai and Schediastís in Providence. In 1425, while people were still fearful of fighting The Daemon directly, and were still embroiled in a war with his creations, the Fates and Fate-Makers began to telepathically coach and mentor one of their Yfantés, Johanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc), in her Fate and Reality powers to challenge the dream being.

1425 and the Modern True Dreamer

After 3 years of training with The Moirai and Schediastís, Joan traveled to The Reverie in her physical body and challenged The Dream Daemon to a fight. Being beaten nearly to death like Aïda before her, Johanne returns to the physical world. The Daemon follows to finish her off, when The Moirai and Schediastís give Joan the full power of her Dreamer loom and focused it into a single point on her palm. Thrusting this hand at The Daemon, he’s obliterated by the raw power.

After learning of what happened from The Moirai and Schediastís, Joan decides to use this power to stop any potential threats that may come to her universe. The Fates and Fate-Makers began guiding her through the process, helping her to gain control over the book, temporarily made the looms of fate able to be self-sufficient and automatically weave itself without a user (thus ridding the Yfantés of a purpose and leaving Joan as the book’s sole owner), made the single point of power into a design (a three curves that come together to form a “D” for “Daemon”) to make sure that her original deed wasn’t forgotten, and created a suit of armor from a part of the Dreamer Loom’s leg.

Joan eventually grew up, married, and had children of her own, who then have their own children. However, at this time, The Dream Daemon reconstituted his essence and became stronger. Attacking an old Joan, she quickly dispatched of him again. Realizing that The Daemon would keep returning and threatening her family and all of the world , Joan passed on the mark, dress, book, and subsequent strength to her granddaughter, who was younger and learned from Joan more directly as she had more experience and was the last of the Yfantés.

Joan continued to tinker with the book, spiral, and armor until her eventual death. In the later years of her life, she, with the help of benevolent Angels dedicated to preserving knowledge, tied the power of the True Dreamer to genetics, allowing it to be skip a generation from grandparent to grandchild, and allowed herself and future generations of True Dreamers to have their consciousnesses permanently implanted into the book upon their death to be used as a source of knowledge in powers and even history if need be. It was from the efforts of Joan that the modern True Dreamer was born, becoming the epitome of courage, power, and resiliency. This definition was later expanded to include becoming a champion of what is right, as subsequent generations aligned themselves with the people on the right side of history and fought with moral conviction for their causes.

Capabilities of the True Dreamer

Aside from their legacy as a sort of superhero and fighter for what is right, The True Dreamer is unique for a variety of reasons, which can be broken down into four overarching categories.

1) The Birthmark

A constant source of confusion for the Angelic knowledge-seekers, the Anxéros, The True Dreamer’s power is most commonly shown through their birthmark, three black and silver curves that form the letter “D” when they combine. Black and silver sparkles emanate from the mark, as well as anything directly tied to it like the True Chronicles and dress. The birthmark appears on the palm of the True Dreamer’s dominant hand, as Joan was believed to be left-handed and Maya has it on her right palm in all the times that we see it. The design was created by Joan and is used as a reminder of the True Dreamer’s first and most important goal: defeating The Dream Daemon and protecting their universe from threats.

The birthmark works similarly to a magical wand, simply channeling the raw power that flows through the True Dreamer. They can achieve unparalleled feats due to having the combined power of their species, which only grows as the generations go on and more Dreamers are born. The power can be accessed via will and want, meaning that if the True Dreamer wants something desperately they will likely be able to do whatever it takes to get it. The mark (or rather, the point from which it was formed) is invulnerable to harm and will break down anything that may get in its way, although the same can’t be said for the Dreamer that it’s attached to. Maya, for example, took a sword point to her right palm while trying to form a shield. The mark reduced the weapon to a simple hilt, however, Maya’s hand was hurting from the impact.

2) The Dress/Armor

The armor of the True Dreamer was created by Joan out of a portion of the loom containing the fate of all Dreamers. The reason for this was because the looms are heavily fortified and can withstand most anything as their place of origin, Providence, sits many levels above the whole of the multiverse and The Reverie, where the Dream Daemon lives. The armor was improved upon greatly by Victorian Era, Swedish True Dreamer, Ebba Besder (pronounced b-eh-der), although previous True Dreamers before her contributed certain abilities to it. Like the birthmark and True Chronicles, the armor is unyielding and impervious to most any harm. While Joan first made the armor for herself as a means of protection, it was later True Dreamers that decided to give the armor to future True Dreamers upon birth and have it grow with the child.

As the daughter of a seamstress and being part of the clothes profession herself, Ebba fashioned the most usage out of the armor in the late 1860’s, making a version of the armor that’s thinner and more lightweight, making it look like a corset dress that many other people in Victorian England would wear so it would fit the current style. Ebba also effectively doubled its strength, as the sparkles surrounding the dress could be used as a sort of shield. More verbal and non-verbal agency was given to the True Dreamers over what the dress could do, as the dress is now able to turn invisible upon command (which, paired with Ebba’s previous advancements, now means the wearer can put clothes on over the armor and feel as though nothing’s there), and it can be transformed into any form of clothing the user wishes. As corset dresses were in fashion during the Victorian Era, Ebba created the corset dress design depicted above, with the True Dreamer’s spiral in the middle to further differentiate her. The dress has now become iconic and is as synonymous with the True Dreamer as the last name “Lilac”.

Ebba has done this for True Dreamers that exist within the Chronicles as well, and have even given them a sort of say over the dress, as they can change it into anything from inside the book (such as turning it into a suit of armor to protect Maya from attacks from above) or turning it into a simple sundress for a young True Dreamer. Former True Dreamers typically wear the dress as a cloak. The dress has also been outfitted with a sort of “spidey sense”, coming to the surface overtop any pre-existing clothing when danger is present. This has alerted Maya to a variety of attacks over the years and has proven to be one of the most useful contributions to the dress ever.

3) The True Chronicles

The True Chronicles (sometimes called the “Chronicles”) is the book that has been attached to the True Dreamer’s dress and spiral. The journal-sized tome is a relic of the ancient past and a reminder of the True Dreamer’s history as a Yfantís. It contains the looms of that universe’s species (whether it be Human and Dreamer, Dreamer and Addonexii, or Human and Addonexii), whether members of the species are extinct or not (although this can be determined by if the loom has sparkles or not). After Joan became the True Dreamer, however, she gave the book the ability to suck in her soul and the souls of all future True Dreamers upon death to be used as a source of information. They peer into the world of the living via a “soul mirror”, which is connected to the current True Dreamer’s soul and has their name outlined in sparkling black cursive at the top.

The True Dreamer enters the book by wanting to go into it, at which point their consciousness is transferred to the book, their body falls limp, and the book opens up to a page. The True Dreamer’s soul cord is shown as they move through the passageway into the book, indeed signifying that the whole of their soul is being brought from one place to the next. Once inside, they appear in an empty silver void with a singular, blood red colored stripe going down the middle. Former True Dreamers can then appear from somewhere within the book’s pages to help counsel the current True Dreamer.

There are cases, however, where the True Dreamer is not allowed into the book. Although its primary directive is to absorb any True Dreamer in after they die, the True Dreamers already inside the book can deny the current True Dreamer and send them back into the real world. The Chronicles itself can do something similar, such as when it refused to let Maya into it because her spiral was incomplete, something that neither Maya nor other True Dreamers could bypass. The True Chronicles also has the ability to discern the souls and consciousnesses of those wanting to get inside of it. Eleanor mentioned conducting tests with the Anxéros to get Maya’s guardian angel, Bailey, into the book by implant her into Maya’s head. This didn’t appear to be the case, even after Bailey mimicked Maya’s exact genetic structure. Eleanor cites the silver genes that are in Maya’s blood as an explanation, but then implies that the soul is also another criterion that is looked at for the book. This, along with the knowledge that True Dreamers that have their souls sucked into the book permanently cannot leave, implies that the Chronicles sometimes acts as a one-way mirror and other times like a two-way mirror, depending on a whim. Maya and others have pondered the possibility that the True Chronicles contains a collective consciousness of sorts due to the vast array of soul threads contained within it.

True Dreamers Throughout History

While there have been many True Dreamers in their 600+ year history, there are a few that stand out for their outstanding contributions to creating the identity of The True Dreamer as they currently exist today. This can be through giving them a new purpose to the public or through improving the spiral, birthmark, or their connection to the book that has persisted throughout the generations.

Aïda Diakité

  • Active from 1355-1355
  • Becomes a proto-True Dreamer
    • First gathered power from the Dreamer Loom and challenged The Dream Daemon
    • Death caused a ripple effect that soon led to Joan’s rise

Johanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc)

  • Active from 1425-1475
  • Began the era of the Modern True Dreamer
    • Created the birthmark
    • Opened the True Chronicles to allow deceased True Dreamer souls
    • Passed power and armor of the True Dreamer to grandchild via genetics
    • Gives True Dreamers the ability to create swords and weapons from the Tri-Curve

Ebba Besder

  • Active from 1860-1900
  • Creates modern True Dreamer dress
    • Makes it lightweight and invisible
    • Give True Dreamers more choice and autonomy (they can make it whatever they want)
    • Gives it a sort of alarm system (turns visible overtop any clothing)

Mira Beshmer

  • Active from 1944-2013
  • Creates the current last name of the True Dreamer family, “Lilac”
  • Gives the world a symbol of hope and strength (the lilac)

Maya Juanita Isidora Hernanzdez-Lilac

  • Active from 2013-Present

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