Chapter 3 Reclaiming Power

Running to the window, I saw Lucent fall to the ground. Mom and Bailey were flanking the girl on either side, and Lily was further back. My mom was holding a whitish-purple ball of plasma the size of a baseball in her hand. Purple lightning sparked erratically from the core.

“Mom, stop.” Lucent pleaded. “I don’t want to fight you!”

She launched the attack.

Lucent stuck out her hand as the ball approached. It froze in the air, surrounded by a red glow. With a raise of Lily’s hand, the clouds underneath Lucent rose, forcing her feet and arms to her body. The ionized ball continued flying for her. She disappeared in the blink of an eye. Mom lifted her arm up and then threw it to the ground, forcing Lucent to appear once again and drop onto the cloud. Two more plasma balls instantly formed next to my mom’s head, before flying at my double and hitting her in the face. Lucent landed flat on her back, and began to hack and cough as the air was whisked from her lungs. Lightning covered her body, shocking her briefly before vanishing as the plasma balls made contact.

Mom continued her assault, her plasma balls increasing in size with each set of two. I stood frozen at the window, observing in utter shock; there was a deep hatred in my mother’s eyes, a fire that sat within them and burned so intensely that she didn’t even seem like the same person. Lucent must’ve done something truly unforgivable to earn this kind of wrath. Lucent fell to the cloud, bruised and coughing blood.

“Mom, don’t make me fight you.” Lucent begged, looking up at my mother with a bloodied mouth. Mom made two more plasma balls in response, her eyes almost turning red. Lily and Bailey looked antsy, like they wanted to make a move to do something but didn’t know if they could or should. “I’m your daughter!” She screamed in outrage, her voice breaking. The attack was launched and Lucent let out a broken cry that quickly rose in frequency. A red pulse shot from her mouth first, then extended from the rest of body. Everyone flew back and the hospital itself rattled. I quickly covered myself with my hands before getting thrown through my hospital room and the room across from mine, finally stopping when I hit the wall. The Chronicles hit the wall beside me.

I sat up, a pained look on my face and my back stinging a bit. I coughed up chalk from the broken walls, looking in front of me to see a hole where I was previously. “Maya.” I heard Eleanor call my name. The redhead ran up to me. “Maya, are you okay?”

“Yeah,” I said. “I’m okay.” I felt a tingling in my hand and I looked to the curves. They were shining brightly, much brighter than they ever did normally. The book was also glowing. Looking back at my hands, my grandmother’s words echoed in my ears again. I shot up from the floor. “I know what to do!” Rushing back into my hospital room, I looked out the broken window to see everyone starting to corner Lucent again. I jumped out the window, Bailey telekinetically holding me in the air before I could hit the ground.

“Bailey, let me go. I know how to stop Lucent.” Everyone turned to me. She did nothing. “Put me down so I can stop her! I need to do this!” Bailey thought it over for a minute before letting out a sigh. I fell to the cloud. Walking towards Lucent, Mom kept on shooting her glares, while Bailey and Lily looked at me with worry in their eyes. The double looked up, her tear-stained cheeks drying. She looked helpless, like she couldn’t even fight back if she wanted to. I frowned before taking a quick breath.

      “The power can be accessed via will and want, meaning that if the True Dreamer wants something desperately they will likely be able to do whatever it takes to get it.” The True Dreamer entry from Naomi’s book rang in my head. I looked to my right palm. The curves were shining brilliantly, and sparkles were still coming out of the ‘D’ that sat on my hand.

      I want to get my power back. I need to learn how to use my powers. I need my tri-curve. I reached for the girl, feeling an invisible force prevent me from touching the center of her dress.

Despite this, some of the sparkles from Lucent’s dress began to crawl up my body, imbuing me with strength. The power surge was brief though because they instantly started to retract, as if Lucent’s birthmark was forcing me away. “I need to fix my tri-curve!” The curves on my hand burned even brighter as I pushed, starting to break through the wall of force separating us, albeit slightly. A projection of the hierogram extended from my hand. Her dress offered even more resistance, creating its own projection to push mine back. Black swirls extended from my hand, moving along my body as red and silver pulses were sent out. Everyone was thrown back into the hospital building and I steeled myself against the forceful power of the waves.

My eyes started to glow silver, and I squinted them as I pushed further. My hand got a little closer to her dress and sparkles from it began to swirl up my arm. My chest burned and my stomach roared, a pit beginning to form as I pulled energy from everything I possibly could. My legs started to buckle but I forced my legs to straighten out before moving to close the gap between Lucent and I. The sparkles took the shape of a tiara and corset dress, glowing black and silver from the inside out. I finally closed the gap between Lucent and I, slamming my palm against the mark in the middle of her dress. The sparkles making up the dress and tiara dispersed as we were flung away from each other in an explosion of red and silver.

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