DELETED SCENE–Maya and Lucent’s Connection

“What were you doing?” Mom screamed at Lily. Their arguing was so loud that it was almost like we were there with them, despite being in the room next to theirs. “Why did you stop me?”

“We can’t just kill her!” Lily screamed back. “She looks like Maya!”

“So? We know that she isn’t Maya; she’s a completely different person. Her death is something that we can cause, that we have to cause. If we want our universe and every other universe out there to be safe, we can’t just sit around and let her live.”

“Mom, Maya got her powers back by touching Lucent; we needed Lucent for that like I said we would.”

“Now, we can actually take Lucent down like we should’ve before.”

“No! We ca—!” The arguing stopped, and moments later, my door opened as my family stepped in with Eleanor.

I turned my attention to the Angel. I was sitting on a raised bed that you’d see in the doctor’s office, the one that you’d always get your shots on and where they’d test your reflexes with that little hammer. She was holding a few x-rays of my face, neck, torso, and legs.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Your connection with Lucent isn’t just a mental one, it’s a physical one also. If she feels pain, you feel it too. You don’t get the tell-tale signs of it like she does, but it definitely shows up internally.”

“What?” My mom’s eyes became clouded by horror; she was accidentally hurting her own daughter.

“All of that through us sharing the same blood?” I asked the Angelic doctor.

“No. We don’t have magic; we can’t just do that with blood. When The Dream Daemon cloned you and made Lucent, he took your mark, and you couldn’t go in the book at first because of that, right?” I nodded. “Well, when he did that, he must’ve also connected you two mentally. He might’ve used the fact that your consciousness and soul move into the book to link you two. He’s exploited that connection you and the book have so that you get hurt in the same way she gets hurt. That’s why you felt like your stomach had been hit with something extremely heavy, because you experience everything Lucent does, regardless of who actually got hit.”

Anything that she feels, I feel? I asked myself with a gulp. But, what if…?

“So, what now?” Bailey asked. “Lucent is still a threat to some of us. We can’t exactly be pacifistic with her, especially not if she initiates.”

“I’d suggest being careful with any attacks you do against her until I can find a way to destroy their link. Naomi, go to the Anxéros and see what they have on connections and links between people. Any information we can get, even if it’s from another universe, could be extremely useful.”

“Right.” The purple-clad Angel nodded before teleporting away through purple wisps.

“But…” I spoke up, fear in my eyes as I considered the thought. Everyone turned to me. “If I feel everything that Lucent does, and Lucent has the dress on and that stops every attack that’s thrown at it, what happens to me? Last time I didn’t have this on,” I gestured to the black and silver corset dress I was wearing, “and Lucent got attacked, I started coughing blood. What happens if one of us dies? What if Lucent gets hit with something that isn’t fatal to her, but is fatal to me because my body feels the full brunt of it?”

“As far as I can tell from what Lucent got attacked with and how much damage you should’ve had done to you, you don’t take the full force of the attack. Whatever pain Lucent feels, you do too. If she has the dress on and it takes some of the attack, then you’ll only take however much impacts her body.” Eleanor paused as she considered my last question. Her hazel eyes looked down and to the side as she moved her hand up a small bit. “But… about what happens if one of you dies… I can’t be certain. I…” another pause as she caught herself, “I want to say that the other will be fine if the other dies, but your bodies are linked. The fact that that connection even exists in the first place implies that–.”

She immediately stopped before she could even make real the rest of that sentence. But it didn’t matter. The damage was already done, the thought implanted and practically known to anyone that could make a connection between words and meaning. My eyes welled with tears and I blinked rapidly as the thought rang out loudly in my head. I’m going to die!

      “No, no, no.” Mom quickly moved to my side and put my head on her shoulders. “Honey, that won’t happen. You won’t…” Mom paused. Apparently, she had the same fear of making my death an inevitability too if she spoke the word. “We’ll find something else to do with Lucent. We’ll be less aggressive.” I doubted that internally. She literally went ballistic on my clone not even 10 minutes ago.

“Mom, you need to promise Maya that.” My sister spoke up before looking to me. She must’ve read my mind. “I’m not exactly the most confident that you’ll be able to control yourself around her; you went ballistic on Lucent not even 10 minutes ago.”

My mother looked me in the eyes and put her hands on my shoulders. “I promise I won’t be as aggressive as I was before when it comes to Lucent. Okay?”

“Okay,” I said quietly.

“Good.” Mom kissed me on the cheek before asking, “Honey, do you need some time alone? To think?”

Silent, I nodded, and everyone left the room, leaving me alone with my thoughts and the realization that I just might die sooner than later.

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