Angel Types

Angels are a mainstay of the “Dreamer” world, having existed since humanity first began and continuing into the modern day. Angels were originally made by the Dream Daemon, a creature that exists in a plane of dreams that has godlike powers. The Daemon decided to make the first Angels aligned themselves with demons like the Sominium and the Mara. Several types of Angels were made throughout the centuries, and they all serve a different purpose, but they were all made with the same basic abilities.

Types of Angels

Ancient Angels

  • Most are allies of Demons and the Dream Daemon (there are some exceptions for head Angels)
  • Not formerly human like every other Angel type
  • Still serve the original function of the “Dreamkeepers”
  • Wing, Cloak, and Halo color: White with a black streak


  • Protectors of Dreamers, Humans, and anything that isn’t working with the Dream Daemon
  • First warriors on the front lines of the war
  • Wing, Cloak, and Halo color: Black


  • Keep sentry over areas and events
  • Gains information for Dreamkeepers and others in the war to use
  • Keeps track of several universes, as the Daemon mobilizes forces
  • Wing, Cloak, and Halo color: Olive Green


  • Seek out major, universe altering events, people, and threats across the multiverse
  • Shares information with other Angel types and sometimes True Dreamers
  • Subset of Scouts
  • Wing, Cloak, and Halo color: Tan


  • Seek out information about Dreamers, creatures, events, etc. via studies
  • Get information and discoveries about True Dreamers from Giagrams
  • Wing, Cloak, and Halo color: Purple


  • Etymology: combination of greek word for doctor, “giatrós”, and greek suffix for symbol, “-gram”
  • Healers
  • Resides in Giagram Palace (Hospital)
  • Analyzes and tries to discover secrets of the True Dreamer Tri-Curve
  • Looks at old and new Demon runes to figure out what their powers could be
  • Uses hematology, genetics, symbology, etc. in studies
  • Shares findings with Anxéros
  • Wing, Cloak, and Halo color: Blue

History of the Angels

The first type of Angel to exist, the Dreamkeepers were originally made to do what their name implies: keep dreams. After it was discovered that Dreamers could manipulate reality and make their dreams come to life, they were ordered by the Dream Daemon to stop any dreams that threatened to leave the Dreamscape before they passed the Dream Gate and went down to our world. After it was discovered that some demons could eat and feed off of these dreams, Dreamkeepers were made into instruments of war. The Dreamkeepers were redesigned into their current form, looking similar to their biblical form and being able to manipulate the mind, soul, universe, energy, elements of the holy variety, and many other things that Angels could and are known for. Some variant of the current Angel types all developed (aside from the Giagrams and Anxéros) for the Daemon’s side, contributing to the death of creatures like the Addonexii and a slowly dying morale on the Dreamers’ side of the war.

Around the time Joan started her training with the Moirai, the Dream Daemon decided to wipe the memories of dead humans and make them Angels to fight in the war against Dreamers. A rift slowly started to develop between the inhuman Ancient Angels and the formerly-spirit Angels, a rift that led to all out war after the new Angels started regaining their memories and new powers to accompany them. The new Angels, who fell and had their cloaks, halo, and wings go from white with a black streak to fully black, started to fight with their friends and families from their host universes, starting a new chapter in the war and giving Ancient Angels and demons alike a new enemy. The Modern Angels destroyed all of the information that the Ancient Angels had gathered, created the Giagrams and Anxéros to help their injured and dying allies, and fled to a pocket dimension with many traps that sits on the edge of reality that Angels can tear their way into and out of to recruit other humans that die.

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