Ley Lines

The Ley Lines of Our Universe

In the world of Dreamer, Ley Lines exist as conduits, channels through which supernatural and universal energy can flow. They wrap around planets, moons, suns, asteroids, and other celestial bodies that exist naturally in the universe. The universe itself has a number of Ley Lines. They start from a number of central hubs (nexus) and extend outward, wrapping either around the object or just out into the far reaches of space across the rest of the universe.

Ley Lines
The Ley Lines that surround the Earth. Picture taken from https://mysticablog.wordpress.com/tag/ley-lines/

The Ley Lines do occasionally overlap with each other as planets go through their natural motions and star systems and galaxies move through space. Ley Lines are theorized to be why Sama Dreamers and Addonexii have such an intense and strong connection to space. The first Sama Dreamer or Addonexii were possibly born at a point where the planet was crossing across a universal Ley Line’s Nexus. This reasoning has also been extending to Rosemary, as she is the first Naturae Dreamer, a Dreamer with such an intense connection to the planet that she was born with its voice (“Mother Nature”) in her head; Rosemary was born over one of the planet’s Nexuses and was able to connect to nature in a way that was only previously seen on a universal scale, though Rosemary also expresses the same connection with the universe that would be expected of a Sama Dreamer. This intense connection that Sama Dreamers, Addonexii (now extinct), Angels, and Rosemary share with the universe has manifested itself not only in the ability to create and manipulate parts of the universe (the sun, moon, asteroids, etc.), but also in a psychic sense of sorts. Any changes to the universe, such as the removal of a Nexus or destruction of a planet, can be sensed by Rosemary and other Sama Dreamers.

Another function of the Ley Lines is that of order. As previously alluded to, Sama and Naturae Dreamers (among others) can be in a direct conversation with the universe and sense changes that are made to it, whether they be natural or artificial (created by an external force). These universal Ley Lines (as well as all other ones) serve as boundary markers, showing the relationships of things and also indicating where things end and begin. The Ley Lines of the Earth and the Moon are very similar (practically identical apart from one or two slight differences) largely due to the fact that the moon was made from a part of the Earth due to a collision billions of years ago. This Earth-Moon relationship is also extended on a cosmic scale, as our universe has a similar Ley Line pattern to the other universes in its cluster of universes that were formed from different decisions and choices (this collection of universes formed from different decisions and branching paths is known as a “Quantum Multiverse”).

Extra-universal Ley Lines

Other Planes of Existence (such as The Reverie–the dreamscape–or Providence–the fate plane) have their own Ley Lines, in different patterns than our own universe. In the case of The Reverie, the forceful power behind dreams and the fact that they’re allowed to reside in there after the people that have dreamt them have eroded the individual Ley Lines leaving The Reverie a realm of chaos where anything that can happen does happen.

The Ley Lines of the many universes in the Multiverse and other planes have points where they connect to each other. Connections between universes and planes can be made naturally by the universe/plane itself, for example, if a universe’s Ley Line or Nexus drift past a Nexus from The Reverie and they become connected. These linkages create portals and bridges between the planes, referred to as “Astral Bridges”. People, Dreamers, and sentient creatures from other universes can travel across these Astral Bridges between the planes by linking their soul cords (a sort of spiritual “umbilical cord” that’s created at birth and remains till death) to a Nexus from either the universe or the plane and simply traveling up it. Universes and planes can (and often do, except in the case of the Afterlife) have multiple connections to many different planes scattered throughout them.

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