Maya Waking Scene

      I snapped up, reaching for the space in front of my stomach, for my soul cord. I clutched empty air. Frantically scanning the area as I panted, I took in my surroundings. I was in a bed… in the Kaf Center… on Earth. I was safe. Rosemary! Bailey! Jake! Astrid! They’re still trapped up there! I remembered my friends, the people that were still in danger of getting their lives taken. “Maya!” My mom ran over to me. Bailey teleported next to me in the same instant, scratched up, bruised, and with a torn cloak.

      “They’re okay, Maya. I got them back down.” My Dreamkeeper telepathically answered my panicked question right before my mom reached us.

      The woman kissed my cheek in a quick hug before checking me for marks. “Are you okay?” I sat there, too shaken up to give an answer as the gravity of what happened hit me. I almost died. And Rosemary. And another Maya… “Maya, look at me sweetie. Look at me!” Mom’s frost blue eyes locked with my own glossed over oculi. I saw past my mother, too far in my own head to consider her words, hearing them, but not processing them. “Say something! Anything!” She demanded and pleading, getting more and more worried at my sudden muteness. Her eyes were tearing up. “Did the Daemon hurt you? Are you in pain?”

      “I…” I dragged out the word, slowly crawling my way out of my mental maze.

      “I swear to God, I will-!”

      “No!” I blurted, worried about what my mom would say, about if she was going to challenge him. She wouldn’t be able to survive that; if True Dreamers can’t do it, there would be no hope for her, and I refuse to let my family die. “I-I’m okay. I’m fine. I just… I need to go.” I started for the door.

      “Maya—.” Mom and Bailey, now back to full health, chased after me.

      “No!” I threw my hand back, and they were flung into a wall by the silver glow of my Gyrokinesis. I stopped and turned back to them. “Are you okay?”

      “Maya, where are you going? You can’t just leave,” My mother asked, seemingly ignoring what I just did. Apparently she cared more about my movements than about her own health.

      “For a walk. Or… somewhere that isn’t here.”

      “Maya, you can’t go out into the open without anyone. If The Daemon tries to attack you again—.”

      “I need some air!” I yelled. The bed was gyrokinetically flung towards my mother, who quickly teleported it away. She just looked at me with an open mouth, and I ran from the room.

     A cool breeze brushed past me, and I pulled my white D.R.E.A.M. Academy cardigan closer to my body. The campus was empty, my vapid footsteps the only sound aside from the slight rustle of fallen leaves. The orange streetlights shone in the corner of my eye, and the white fluorescents of the library’s 24-hour room caught my attention. I moved on, increasing my stride.

      My eyes drifted the night sky, and I slowed my pace down to a slight walk. Stars dotted the inky black firmament, straddling alongside the clouds that passed them. The moon sat amidst the movement, with most of it shining a white brighter than the faint bluish shimmer of the stars that surrounded it. The moon moved with its star-servants, but remained higher and closer and larger to my eye. It sat and commanded attention with its seat made of stars and its clouds whose distance to the moon grew and shrunk like animals bound by a leash. The moon was the ringleader of it all, having power over everything, presumably even over the bestial and elongated vapors that drifted ahead of it. It was truly all-powerful. I shook my head, increasing my stride again and returning to my dorm a few minutes later.

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