The Planar Tree

In the world of Dreamer, there are many places that exist outside of and around our universe. The many different planes of existence (or levels of reality) out there, each with their own purpose, groups, and sometimes even organisms of beings that live there. The planes are thought of to exist in a tree-like pattern, with the many different branches representing the different planes that exist out there. In ascending order, the planes that have life them go in this order: Chaos, Universe, Multiverse, Watchtower/Megaverse, Hyperverse, Providence.


This is the base of the planar tree, the thing that everything else descends from. It was made by primarily by Prostázo, the Embodiment of Chaos and Order and one of the two Schediastís, the two major designers of the universe and that “branch”. Chaos, as the base of everything, sits at the bottom of the tree, gathered in a swirling mass of dark clouds with lightning arcing around it. It creates and destroys, often in the same instant, as it sits in that swirling mass, merging with itself. Chaos and the energy that it creates can only really be manipulated totally by the Chaotics, though Angels can somewhat manipulate it through their Aether. It’s believed to be seeded throughout the other planes and might even be the reason that events occur and things eternally change in the universe.

The Universe

A universe–full of planets, stars, moons, asteroids, and all other manner of celestial bodies–is the first place where life truly begins to develop on planets. This can vary from universe to universe, as some universes have humans and Addonexii, others have just humans, and others still have different types of species that are neither (for example, Morphers like Kelly). Universes have order and structure, like all of the other planes (save for The Reverie), due to Ley Lines, but are also unique because of a feature that Prostázo put into them.

The first universe (and all subsequent ones) was outfitted with the ability to copy and split themselves. This primarily happens whenever there are multiple options for something to happen. Dr. Kendall Winchester, Maya’s Astronomy 100, professor explained it like this to the class when discussing planes:

Have you guys ever heard of Schrödinger’s cat? The cat that sits in a box and can be either dead or alive until we open it? Instead of there just being one path where the cat is either/or, imagine it being both just in two different universes. So, there’s one universe where the cat’s alive, another where it’s dead, and maybe even a third where it’s an undead zombie cat. Events that can have two or more different outcome effectively splits the universe from one into two or three or four or however many there are, one for each choice.

This universal division essentially copies the universe and everything in it (people included) before dividing them into their two separate paths. They have the same Ley Line structure (as they all came from the same base), but as the development of the people have changed, this allows different types of people and species to flourish, providing an explanation for the different types of universes and species that exist in different universes. There’s also the possibility that Prostázo made more than one universe and simply left the Chaos to make it form or that Chaos itself (which flows between every plane and the space in between) simple created universes as it saw fit.

The Multiverse

The division of universes and the sheer amount of them that started to pop up (which grew exponentially) led to their Ley Lines connecting to one another and forming links, branches within the greater planar branches, and subdivisions which people like The Overseers (made by Skopós, the Embodiment of all Purposes and the second of the two Schediastís) were assigned to watch over and help keep the order of. This is the total collection of universes that have been made over the billions and trillions of years, including universes with minor divisions from each other (such as everyone existing, but just going down a different life path) or something major like entire historical events not occurring and people not existing. Once again, Dr. Winchester explains:

For us here, it would be a parallel universe since there are all these different versions of us out there in the soup that is creation. There are, however, universes where you don’t exist. Maybe your mom or your dad married different people. Or maybe you do exist, but you have a totally different past and a different personality because of it. The Multiverse has many different combinations and there are trillions upon trillions of them, so many that it would make people’s heads spin. The numbers get really large really really quickly once you leave the tiny bubble that is our universe. So, if there was ever a crush that you had or something that you wanted to do, but it didn’t happen, there is a universe where it does… probably! There’s a universe where you date that girl or guy. And maybe you guys are still dating to this day. That leads to its own different universe strands.

The Watchtower/The Megaverse

The Watchtower or–as it’s known to anyone that isn’t an Overseer, Fate, or Designer–Megaverse sits directly above The Multiverse and is the home of the Overseers, the people designed to watch over select branches of the Multiverse and ensure that order is kept. One such branch is the “True Dreamer” branch, where every single universe that has a True Dreamer (as opposed to Yfantés), is under the watchful eye of Overseer Lauren Rinshaw. The Watchtower is mainly a plane of empty space, with small planets the size of Mercury scattered throughout. These planets are where The Overseers live, not all gathered on one, but each on their own separate planet, which they can manipulate and build on at will. This set up and proximity to the Universes and the Multiverse ensure that they can watch over it as closely as possible, but are also at a safe enough distance to not be affected by any changes that may impact their worlds.

The Hyperverse

The Hyperverse is a plane that sits above The Watchtower. Not much is known about this plane, as not much happens here with regards to Maya. The only things that we do know is that the Hyperverse contains its own court that deals with affairs of the lower planes, particularly with things that affect the whole of the Multiverse or small portions of it. They also have their own jail, which is, according to Maya, “a million times more impenetrable than Alcatraz.”


Providence, also known as the “Fate Plane” and referred to as the “Omniverse” by Lucent only once, is the absolute highest plane, sitting at the top of the planar tree. All other planes’ Ley Lines lead to Providence in some way, shape, or form (aside from The Reverie). The Moirai and The Schediastís live there and have their large weaving looms, which weave the cosmic destinies and ultimately lay out the path of everything that has ever and will ever exist. This plane existed at the very beginning, even before Chaos, which actually makes sense considering the Schediastís made Chaos to begin with. This is the plane from which Dreamers were created and made to weave destinies of specific universes.

Other Planes

Aside from this one main branch from Chaos to Providence, there are other planes out there that serve other purposes. While they don’t create life of their own, they do house life and serve some sort of function for the living (and sometimes not) people of the different.

The Reverie/The Dreamscape

The Reverie, sometimes called the Dreamscape, is the realm of dreams. It’s where every sentient creature goes when they fall asleep. Their souls travel to The Reverie, where they have dreams and can perform actions in them. Upon waking, the host disappears and goes back down to their body. The dreams, however, stay in The Reverie after they leave. Due to dreams being so chaotic in nature and being able to break down boundaries, the dreams destroyed the Ley Lines of The Reverie, leaving only the central Nexus nodes that connect to other universes and planes. This is the plane that The Dream Daemon, demons like Sominium and Mara, and the Ancient Angels all live in. It’s believed an accidental encounter here is what caused Dreamers to develop their power to make their dreams real and leave The Reverie.

The Afterlife

The Afterlife is the plane of the dead. Most dead people (with the exception of True Dreamers, who actually get their souls brought into their True Chronicles) end up The Afterlife immediately after their deaths when their threads are cut. While The Afterlife has its own rules, spirits (disembodied people) can move through the planes if they so wish. This particularly happens with travel to The Reverie, as the dead can appear to their family members in dreams after they die and sometimes do that exact thing. One interesting thing about The Afterlife is that the connections that it seems to share with other planes (aside from, oddly enough, The Reverie) is one-way: people and things can go to The Afterlife, but are typically unable to come from The Afterlife, unless a significant amount of force is used to pierce the barrier.

The Astral Plane

The Astral Plane is a plane made of spiritual energy. It’s primarily used as a bridge between the planes, where people can go from a universe, such as Universe 11,295,115 (the main Dreamer universe where the Maya Lilac that we follow lives), to a plane like The Reverie. The energy in this plane, the Astral Energy, is quite honestly the energy of souls and can be harnessed outside of the Astral Plane, as it’s one component of Aether (which has Chaos energy, universal or celestial energy, and astral energy) and people have demonstrated the ability to manipulate it before: Lucent was able to use it from inside of the True Chronicles and Pnuema Dreamers are able to manipulate astral energy from wherever they may be for any purpose they choose.


“Heaven” is the colloquial name of the place where Modern Angels reside (see: Angel Types for more information on the different between “Modern” and “Ancient” Angels). This sits on the edge of existence and has many different sections, depending on which area you’re in. Each area is controlled by one of the 5 Angel types, who uses it as a base of operations. From here, the Angels are able to see what happens in all of the universes and uses this to determine the spirits they want to approach to give the offer to turn into Angels.

The True Chronicles

The True Chronicles itself appears to exist in a sort of pocket dimension separate from space and time. While it only allows for select access to and from it, it functions similarly to, and is commonly referred as, a void. It houses the looms and threads of specific universes in them, but each different universe (which, again, may have different species’ living in them) appears to have its own separate space. However, the True Chronicles can’t exist outside of reality as it does ultimately have connections to different universes via the physical book, the threads that connect to people’s souls, and through their True Dreamer or Yfantés.

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