Maya Is Not Complete Scene

      I took a seat on the bed, holding the book out in front of me. Bailey, Naomi, and Rosemary stood sentry, arms crossed like bodyguards. The three curves on my palm began to shine a brighter light than usual, as I focused on the flow of energy between me and the Chronicles. In, out. In, out. I thought. Exhaling and relaxing, I closed my eyes. On one of the book’s turns to draw energy from me, I imagined everything flowing downward, from my head through my shoulders, through my arms, and—some of it—making its way into the book. A yawn slipped past my lips, and I slowly opened my eyes.

      The Chronicles started pulsing, its silver-and-black waves getting longer with each ripple it sent out. I jumped as the pulses transferred their energy to me and resisted the urge to pull my arms in and drop the book. My breath became shallow, and my stomach gave a deep rumble that shook me to my core. I tightened my grip on the tome, forcing even more energy into it.

      Black swirls began to crawl up my body, seemingly spurred on by the glowing birthmark on my palm. Black and silver sparkles appeared in the air around me, moving towards my torso before combining. Light stabbed the corners of my eyes, as the sparkles took the form of a tiara on my head and a corset dress like Lucent’s took form on my body. Then, darkness as my body fell back.


      My eyes opened, and I looked around. I was floating, drifting through a silver tunnel. There was a sparkling silver-and-black cord where my belly button should’ve been. The passageway before me was swirling, and at the end of it was a bright light. I’m actually going into the Chronicles! I thought. I’m going to see grandma again! I’m going to get my powers back! After a minute of traveling, my body jerked to stop.

      “What?” The light at the end of the tunnel vanished. “What’s happening?” Suddenly, I started to fly backward, the book apparently denying me. “No, wait!” I kicked and flailed my arms before catching a look at my palm. “Stop!” I reached for the end of the tunnel with my right hand. My body froze, hovered as I kept my hand outstretched. The air around me grew chaotic and I could hear it hissing as it passed me and scratched my skin. The tunnel itself started to flex, disorienting my peripherals and rendering them useless. I closed my eyes, but otherwise kept forcing the book as much as I could. Pulses rocketed through the channel, momentarily breaking my concentration before I stopped myself again.

      “Don’t resist!” Many female voices demanded in chorus, their voices simply whispers. “Stop fighting!”

      I didn’t listen, instead pushing forward to assert my dominance over the book. The pulses increased in intensity, practically tearing away at my skin with each one that passed. “I need to get in! I have to! This is my book! I need to—!”

      “Maya, stop fighting it!” I heard a voice that made me freeze. The book stopped its assault as well, leaving me suspended in between the planes.


      “You’re not complete,” she said. Her voice was elderly and soft, but there was an underlying seriousness in it. “Fill in your mark, then you can join us.”

      My eyes started to worry at the possibility that I wouldn’t enter the Chronicles. “But grandma, can’t you just let me in?”

      “Not my call; I can’t even leave the book if I wanted to, and I can’t bring you in until you fix your mark.”


      “I don’t know. This has never happened before. Figure it out, then get back to us.” The Chronicles sent out one final pulse, ejecting me from its pages and throwing my soul back into my body.


      I jolted awake, picking the book up, which I must’ve accidentally thrown when I woke up. I studied the cover, mulling over what just happened.

      “So?” Everyone asked, expectantly. “Did you do it? Did you get into the book?”

      I shook my head. “I’m… I’m not complete, apparently. The book won’t let me in until I fill in my birthmark.” My grandmother’s words echoed in my ears. I turned to my palm. The Tri-Curve’s sparkle was relatively dim.

            Just then, it dawned on me what I needed to do, who I needed to help me. “I gotta go.” I said a brief excuse as I rushed from the room, racing down the hallway and out the side staircase.

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