Maya’s Gyrokinetic Goof-Off Scene

      I teleported to the roof of Strand Hall. I inched my way over to the edge and looked down. A three-story building. That’s what I was standing on… and about to throw myself off of. This should go well. I thought to myself. I kept Kelly down with gravity, I made things vanish with my Reality Warping, I crushed Aaron’s button, I broke the dagger. Despite the amazing reaffirming I did, I couldn’t help but feel a bit of dread. It’s not everyday someone jumps from their dorm room to test out superpowers, and it’s not all the time someone survives either. Broken bones are likely, but internal bleeding is too.

Maybe I should turn back. I could just teleport myself back down and no one’ll be the wiser! I don’t have to do this. Plus, the G-forces would probably get to me first.

      Humans have survived 46.2 Gs before, and they don’t pass out till 5. You’ll be feeling less than that.

      Well, it’s not the fall that gets you, it’s the stop. The mental war in my head raged on, with my survival instincts screaming for me to get off the building and go back to my room before I got suspended—very valid point. I can’t get to NASA if I can’t get my Bachelor’s Degree—while the True Dreamer and power-tester part of me parroted back the physics of gravity and human anatomy (which, it made sure to note, we’re stronger than since we’re technically not human, but humanoid). Another valid point; we can survive more than them. Also, remember the Three Keys: You have to trust yourself, trust your powers, and trust your experience. Trust everything that you poured into using your powers correctly. Grandma said that. Might as well do this and get confidence in every aspect of your powers. Go big or go home.

Right… that’s also a thing. “Alright. Let’s do it.” I looked out at the sky with steely determination, hiding away my doubt. Quickly forming a ball of gravitons, I attracted it to me before forcing it to disperse. I smirked, my confidence building. I stared down the sky, silently daring, “Come on, try and stop me!” Receiving no answer from The Moirai, I stuck one foot out onto the empty air, paused for dramatic effect and put it down, dropping the three stories to the ground.

I stopped, absorbed in my silver glow. My nose brushed against the pavement. I could see the pebbles that sat in the sidewalk’s grooves. Still okay. I noted. 3 stories isn’t the worst. A smile began to form and I shot myself into the air, breaking through the clouds before my silver glow vanished and I started a free fall in a backflip. I then popped right back up. Up and down I bounced through the sky like a kid on a trampoline.

Getting my feet below me, I formed a Gyrokinetic board, wrapping around my silver-and-black flats before slowing my descent to something more manageable. Thrusting my arms behind me, I started to ride the air, my upward gravity overpowering the Earth’s 9.81 m/s pull trying to force me to the core. I swiped the board left and right before going upside down and making the board disappear. Getting absorbed in my silver glow again as I got left the stratosphere, I started to see the lake come into view. “Alright, let’s get ready for a landing.” Aiming for a spot that wasn’t close to the shore, I spun 180 degrees and landed in a superhero pose on the brook. Water shot up around me, rippling and forming waves. I looked out at the horizon as the sun started to reach its zenith in the sky. I checked my watch. “Noon. Let’s grab some lunch before lab starts. But let’s fly back; it’s better that way.”

I jumped into the air again and corkscrewing through the sky until I was on eye level with the cloud and felt the warm winds brush against me. I let out a satisfied sigh, leaning back and starting to drift mindless with the winds, not really concerned with where I was going.

Eventually, suddenly, my watched beeped and my (leisurely) focus was disrupted. I started to plummet, when I stopped myself and looked at the timepiece. “12:55.” I sucked my teeth. I had my Astronomy lab. Wait, I’m mad I have to go to lab? That’s new. Forlorn, I teleported back to Strand’s room, grabbing my book bag before heading to Rosen once again.

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