The Reverie

One of the Planes (levels) of existence on The Planar Tree, The Reverie–alternatively known as “the dreamscape”–is where people go when the sleep. Upon reaching The Reverie, this is where the dreams of humans and Dreamers take effect. After dreaming in The Reverie and waking up, the person that had the dream in question leaves, but the physical contents of the dream (as expressed through purple, black, blue, and pink wisps) stay. From there, the dreams manipulate the physical landscape of The Reverie (which is normally barren), erecting statues, towers, physical locations, or anything else that a person could dream of. Because of The Reverie’s chaotic state (only egged on by the fact that there are millions or more people all dreaming at the same time), anything  a person dreams of takes place inside of a purple and black bubble that is automatically generated upon the arrival.

A projection of The Reverie before it changes

How The Reverie Operates

As previously stated, The Reverie is a chaotic land where dreams take control and take on a sort of sentience. They drift across the plane, temporarily changing whatever they come in contact with. The reason for the chaos at the heart of The Reverie is the way dreams interact with The Reverie’s Ley Lines, supernatural lines and nexuses that provides something (a planet, a universe, a plane, etc.) with boundaries and an internal structure. The dreams that stay within The Reverie appear to have eroded the Ley Lines over the billions (or perhaps, trillions) of years sentient creatures have been dreaming.

Due to the effect of dreams, the very nature of The Reverie is in constant flux. And, because of this, people that visit The Reverie and leave the personal bubble of their own dream may find that their powers either don’t work or work very erratically, almost as if they had no control over what their abilities could do. The Three Keys, while effective at harnessing powers in any other plane, prove null and void in the wider dreamscape due to the plane’s inherent instability. The only abilities that really work in The Reverie are those based in dreams and thought. Manipulating anything in The Reverie is equated to Reality Warping in the real world, as both rely on imagining or thinking something to have a larger effect on either the world or an individual person.

The Dream Daemon

Though The Reverie is too chaotic on its own to create life, there are still permanent residents in the dreamscape, the most notable of which is The Dream Daemon, the supreme ruler of The Reverie. He can control it beyond what any Dreamer, even True Dreamers, are capable of and is known to be remade from the very ground of The Reverie whenever he gets obliterated. Being the maker of Sominium (the main enemies of Dreamers), Mara, Baku, and even the Ancient Angels–whom he calls ‘Dream Sprites’– this creature appears to be of a God-like status. It’s unknown whether he was made before, at the same time as, or at a later date than The Reverie, as he seems to have features common of both Sominium (possessing a singular rune on his forehead) and Angels (having the classic white Angel wings seen in the bible, albeit warped), things that were given to them when they were revealed to have no power in The Universe (which is the case for Sominium) and as a “dream come true” to the people who had them appearing as saviors for a long time (in the case of Angels). Because of this, all that is known is that he made all of the other inhabitants of The Reverie and was at least around when The Moirai made the first generation of Dreamers.

He appears to have an intense hatred of Dreamers, giving the Sominium and Mara specific abilities to hinder, negate, and destroy Dreamers and their powers. For example, he individually made and bonded each Sominium to a different Dreamer when they were born via blood, allowing that Sominium to copy the Dreamer’s abilities and be an exact match for them in the real world; they also have additional powers via runes on their forehead and down their arms. The Daemon has even been known to invade the dreams of and personally kill Dreamers by ripping out their soul cord and then shattering their souls before they could move on to The Afterlife.

Dreamers and The Reverie

The Somnium Fatum (colloquially known as “Dreamers”) got have their names inspired by dreams. Originally just called “Weavers” because they weaved fate, the first generation of Dreamers inadvertently absorbed a strand of oneiric (dream) energy from the greater land of The Reverie. From this point forward, they–and every other Dreamer that came after–has possessed the ability to see and manipulate the dreams of others. It’s not certain the full extent of this ability to manipulate dreams, but based on what we do know and see in Dreamer, Dreamers can, at the very least, enter, create things in, and manipulate the surroundings and objects of another person’s dream, as Rosemary was able to do all of these things in Maya’s dream. They can also take oneiric energy that’s inside of The Reverie and manipulate it to make swords, shields, and all manner of physical things.

Perhaps, the most obvious thing that all Dreamers can do regarding dreams and The Reverie, is bring their dreams into the real world. This is the primary (or perhaps most common, according to Talia) effect of their “Dreaming” ability: a combination of the power to manipulate dreams, manipulate reality, and manipulate fate. This ability kicks in unconsciously for young or inexperienced Dreamers, but it can be stopped by more experienced Dreamers by shutting down one aspect of this three-part power, most commonly the “reality manipulating” aspect. As Talia says to Maya:

There’s more than one type of dream that Dreamers can have. Typically, they take time to reach here (Earth) because of the planes and astral bridges that they have to cross, but your Dreaming is three powers mixed together. The fact that you can make your dreams affect reality and have them be destined to happen is just a lucky coincidence; it’s an equal combination of those three powers. Some dreams rely more on the fate aspect, some rely more on the dream aspect, and some rely more on the reality aspect.

It’s believed that, because Dreamers can manipulate elements of The Reverie and bring their dreams away from The Reverie despite that not being their original purpose, The Daemon started war with the Dreamers and any of their allies on Earth.

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