Maya’s Gyrokinesis Training

      “Wait, what are we going to train in first?” I asked before the silver void of the Chronicles transformed into a room. It was a 15-foot room with foam padding on the floor. There were slots on the walls for things to presumably shoot out of and far above those was a circle with arrows starting from the center and expanding outward. We must’ve been in some simulation of the Kafko Center’s Alvor Room. Gyrokinesis training it is. My gyrokinetic dome withdrew itself before vanishing.

      “Now, before you can start consciously controlling gravity, you need to sense it. Close your eyes, stick out your arms, and spread your legs; you need your extremities to be away from your body for this to work properly.” I obeyed. “Clear your mind and pay attention to your body, the weight being applied to it. Start with the chest, then work your way outward, until you’re aware of everything. It’ll be tiny because our bodies are used to Earth’s gravity, but it is there; if you can’t sense it on your own, I’ll apply some extra pressure to help you.”

      Honing in on my torso, I tried sensing for gravity, coming up empty… at first. As I focused more deeply on my breathing, following it as it exited and entered my lungs, I instantly became aware of the pressure that was being applied to my upper body. It was faint, like a very light push that assisted my chest’s rising and falling, but it was definitely there. After that, I moved onto my legs, repeating the process before doing my arms and, finally, my head. My eyes opened minutes later, my vision sharper as gray particles appeared in my vision, clinging to any and everything. They were emitting small waves that surrounded my grandmother in all directions.

      “Are you seeing the gravitons?” Grandma asked. “The particles that pull us towards the Earth?” I nodded. “Good. Now that you’re able to sense gravity, you can start learning how to control it. To your left is a metal barbell; it’s the thing I threw at you earlier. I want you to lift it off of the ground and put it in front of you. Make sure you’re grounded and have nothing on your mind but that barbell levitating.” I took a deep breath before looking to the metal disc on the ground. Sticking my hand out to the weight, I imagined it rising. Slowly, it was absorbed in a silver glow and began to hover, although it was shaking a bit because of the uneven force I made the gravitons emit. Gently, my arm retreated, the barbell going with it until the weight appeared in front of me and I dropped it.

      “That was good, Maya,” Grandma said, her hands folded behind her back. “But you need to lower the barbell, not drop it; use your Gyrokinesis in every direction possible. Try again.”

      I spent the rest of the day with that barbell and several heavier items that grandma made: moving them from place to place, holding them up in the air while I did other things, switching which direction gravity flowed faster and faster, and I even began to learn how to move things without the use of my hands. Every so often, Grandma would use her Gyrokinesis to slam me into the ground while I was moving things around, and I’d have to force my way back up to her eye level. After what seemed like forever, I collapsed into a chair that she materialized for me. “Grandma, are we done yet?”

      “Not yet.” She shook her head.

      “We’ve been at this for hours!” I panted. “I’ve learned a lot; can’t we call it a day here? We have more time to practice tomorrow.”

      “That’s true, but we just have one last thing to take care of.” Without warning, I was whisked upward, slamming onto the ceiling. The world spinning a bit as I stood, I rubbed my temples to try and ease the dull pain ringing through my head.

      “Grandma, what’s going on?”

      “Your last exercise of the day. Get yourself back down to me before all of the blood rushes to your head and you fall unconscious.”

      Letting out a groan, I closed my eyes and put my hands to my sides, my palms out to my feet. A silver glow surrounded me, and I began to rise, noticing I was on eye level with the large symbol on the wall. It was a circle with arrows extending out from the middle. Beaming, I began to move around slightly, hovering forward and backward. A splitting headache brought me back to my situation, as I fell from my Gyrokinesis to the ceiling. Standing as I rubbed my temples, the pain subsided, although there was still a dull stab in my head. I took a breath before jumping, a silver glow surrounding me as I rose higher and flipped in the air, switching gravity and landing in front of Grandma like a gymnast.

      “And she sticks the landing!” The Holocaust Dreamer cheered. “You did really well today, Maya. Now get to bed. We’ll review everything tomorrow before moving onto constructs; this is where your shield comes into play, so pay close attention. I assure you, they will save your life on a number of occasions.” A portal appeared at my feet, and I dropped into it before going to bed.


      I rolled before hurling a ball of gravity forward. Grandma threw her hands down from her chest, the ball splitting in two and going to either side of her. I dropped through the floor, moved around, and made sure to stop the air around me from vibrating, so that Grandma couldn’t sense me. Listening for movement, I felt a vibration come from northwest. Pulsing my hand forward, a soundwave shot from it, blasting through the ground and sending my grandmother flying back. She held herself in the air and forced the concrete floor and shreds of the practice mat to orbit around her like the moon does the Earth.

      She launched the shrapnel at me one-by-one, and I started dodging all of it, using gravity to push me in the direction I moved and make me faster. My movements fluid as I effortlessly weaved through the concrete being hurled at me, I squinted my eyes at my grandmother. The molecules near her crashed together, and she was blown back before quickly recovering. I immediately formed a gyrokinetic sphere around her and quickly increased the gravity to levels that you’d see on Jupiter. Grandma counteracted and lowered my amplification. We locked eyes, and I felt my head start to pound; she must’ve been using her Telepathy to give me a headache.

      A shadow appeared and wrapped around me. I sent out a gyrokinetic pulse that made the shadowy straitjacket expand before turning the shadows into a set of tendrils and sending them after my grandmother. She stuck out her hand and absorbed them into her body before lifting her hand. I immediately lost my footing and fell to the floor as my shadow was whisked from under me. Being lifted into a psionic bubble, I tried to find a way to escape but felt my eyes start to drift closed; she was using her Telepathy to make me tired. I phased through the bubble and dropped to the floor, drowsy. “Good job, Maya.” Grandma said as she walked towards me. I wiped my eyes to try and rid myself of the sleepiness Grandma forced in me.

      She extended a hand towards me and I took it. I hopped up to my feet, immediately as alert as when the battle started. “You did well today, Maya. You’ve used all the powers that you’ve been learning about!”

      I smiled. “I think I’m really getting the hang of what I can do! I’m starting to be able to use my powers properly!”

            “Looks like training went well.” A voice congratulated me. My smile dropped as I whipped around to see Lucent standing there. She was wearing her corset dress. Red and white sparkles surrounded her tiara and hovered around her white flats.

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