Maya Hernandez-Lilac

You’re not touching either of them. I’ll fight you until my last breath.


  • Name: Maya Juanita Isidora Hernandez-Lilac
  • Age: 18
  • Date of Birth: January 7, 1999
  • Hometown: Westchester, NY
  • Species: Dreamer
  • Dreamer Type: Alvor
  • Dreamkeeper: Bailey Cuspin
  • Universe: Sauvuer 11,295,115 (SVR11,295,115)
  • Siblings: Lillian (Lily) Hernandez-Lilac (deceased)
  • Parents: Caitlin Lilac, Javier Hernandez (deceased)
  • Grandparents: Mira Beshmer (maternal), Johan Goldstein
  • Occupation: Student at D.R.E.A.M. Academy, The True Dreamer
  • Major: Astronomy and Astrophysics


The second and last child of Caitlin Lilac and Javier Hernandez, Maya was born as the True Dreamer. Because of this, she was born with the Tri-Curve in her skin as a permanent birthmark, and inherited the job of protecting humans and Dreamers from Demons and The Dream Daemon like her grandmother did before her.

Physical Appearance/Clothing

  • Hazel eyes with a golden fleck
  • Long dark brown hair with blonde highlights
  • 5’4″
  • Three silver-and-black-curves in the form of a “D” on her right palm
  • “Best friend” charm bracelet on her right arm
  • Favors spaghetti strap shirts, skirts/jeans, and flats

Powers and Abilities

  • Dreaming: Dreaming is a combination of three separate abilities that all mix to cause different effects.
    • Dream Manipulation
    • Fate Manipulation
    • Reality Manipulation
  • Gyrokinesis
  • Seismokinesis
  • Umbrakinesis
  • Omni-Energy Manipulation

Read more about Maya in Dreamer here:


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