Actually the March Newsletter (May 6, 2018)

Hey guys! So… Spring is here. And it’s been two months since my last update. I kinda forgot to send the newsletter out. Had it all prepped and ready to go, but forgot to schedule it. Anywho, this shouldn’t be too long of an email I’m sending out, just little updates on “Dreamer” and some other things! You can respond to these emails if you have something to say (or want to be removed from this email list or what-have-you), and I’ll be the only one that reads what you say! Alright! Let’s talk about the last two months!


  1. Dreamer had a lot of progress for the last month… or, it’s expected to, anyway. Over Spring Break, I did some plotting, worked on characters, things like that. We’ve moved along with the writing and I’ve gotten some scenes down that I’m particularly proud of! School’s almost done over here (finals week is next week!), so after this, I should be able to do a lot more writing!
  2. Dreamer’s schedule has kinda been pushed back a month. College has just been kicking my butt, but that’ll end soon, so I should hopefully be able to finish this thing and then go into phase 1 edits. Then, after that, it’s time to start looking for beta-readers! If you want to be a beta, just shoot me a message either in this email (if you’re on the mailing list), on the contact form on my website, or even message me on my Facebook or Twitter, whatever’s most comfortable for you! I will be looking for betas very soon, so let me know if you want to be one of them!
  3. There’s a new Dreamer excerpt on the site about when Maya gets her powers back from Lucent (and also a fun little DELETED SCENE!), and there’s also a few other Dreamer-related things expected to go up soon. One is gonna be a character interview that Maya, the protagonist, is going to be doing with someone else (not me). I’m really trying to coordinate it with my friend despite our time zone differences, and once there’s info for that, I’ll let you guys know. I figured it would be a fun little departure from what I normally do for the “World of Dreamer” stuff, and, if you guys like it, I was thinking about maybe making it a monthly thing where we interview the characters to get a little glimpse into their part of the world. Some of the questions will be joke-y, funny questions though, so don’t worry there! You’ll hopefully get a laugh out of it!
  4. Aside from the Dreamer excerpt that I posted a couple weeks ago, I’m also probably going to put up another one sometime next week. Not entirely sure what the next one is going to be on, but I’m tossing around some ideas in my head for excerpts. Keep your eyes peeled people!

Other Updates

  • A few weeks ago, I was on Bryan Aiello’s podcast, “Origins: Stories on Creativity”. It wasn’t a live podcast that you could tune in for as it was happening, but I just got the link to it a few days ago and it’s up on the site, both on the home page and on the “appearances” tab (I’ve kept that deliberately vague in case I do stuff like book signings). It was a little over an hour and we just talked about a lot of fun stuff related to writing and just life in general. Dreamer came up a bit, which was fun, but that wasn’t the focus of it.
  • Some site changes: so, I’ve recently decided to start posting more short stories, making myself more of a daily poster, I guess. There should be one going up later today, and this one’ll be a fantasy, so check the Twits (@JVinsonii) and Facebook (@AuthorJVinsonii) if you want to stay tuned.


I’ve been using my Facebook and Twitter more recently, and I might start posting some more things on there. I’ll get it all together! Also, if you have anyone that would be interested in beta-reading, or if you even wanted to yourself, you could always shoot me a message! See you guys later in May for the May newsletter!