Books and Series

Here’s where you can find all of the books I’ve published as well as books currently in development.

“Dream Come True” Series


The cover of the first book in the series, Dreamer

Is Reality Just a Dream?

Ever since Joan of Arc in the 1400’s, the True Dreamer has protected her universe from countless demonic forces. Maya Hernandez-Lilac must continue her ancestors’ legacy in spite of everything, including the clone that stole her powers and murdered her grandmother. Over the years, her thousands of dreams have yielded nothing but failure. But when her college move-in day arrives, a dream involving her clone, Lucent, comes true.

Maya, intent on getting her powers back from the clone, starts hunting for her, and along the way, her views on the girl begin to change. But, not everyone’s willing to let go of the past, particularly Maya’s mother, Caitlin. As Maya and Caitlin fight over whether Lucent is a legitimate threat, Maya trains with her now-active powers to fulfill her destiny as the True Dreamer, whether she has to take care of Lucent or not.

2. DARK MOTHER (Status: Writing)

Blurb coming soon!

Standalone Novels

1. CHAMPIONS (Status: Writing)

Let Loose the Dogs of War

Yándé’s Divine Law states that the Gods, if they step out of line and make one too many mistakes, must be killed. Princess Zariya Nudeyi, as the Champion of the Goddess of Shadows, is one of the leading forces of opposition on their planet against the rule, fighting to defeat the Light Goddess and change the Law. But, even with the 20-foot tall animal robots and shadow warriors she controls, she barely escapes battle with her life.

Princess Linia Hikeikiko is one of the best Champions on the side of the Light Goddess, gifted with her personal blades to use in her battles against Zariya and the other Gods that would oppose her. Seeing the Divine Rule as one of the only things keeping the Gods in check, Linia’s accepted the fact that she, her other Champions, and even her Goddess herself will one day fall to the Law’s enforcer, the Goddess of War—once she gets out of her tomb underground.

When Gallirus, the Goddess of War, escapes from her tomb, she has only one goal in mind: to end all wars by killing the other Gods. Making Zariya’s sister and Linia’s brother her Champions, Gallirus begins a path across the planet, killing any Gods that stand against them. Zariya and Linia, armed with the full powers of their Goddesses, are forced to put their differences aside to face Gallirus and rescue their siblings…if they don’t kill each other first.