May Newsletter (May 26, 2018)

Author Ja-Mel Vinson II Twitter Header.pngHappy Saturday (for those of you in the US)! Hopefully you had an amazing May and an amazing summer (if it’s not here yet, it should be here soon, I’m sure)! Before I start my normal email stuff, I just wanted to ask you guys to stick around till the end (or at least, through the first section) because there’s something I need YOUR help with (yes, you on the other side of this screen, YOUR help).


  • Dreamer IS DONE! The one that I’ve just been rewriting for the past year or so, that actual version is done and now I can move forward. I’ll post a full version of what the schedule will look like later on (it took up a lot of space in the test email), but the next few months will basically consist of various rounds of editing, Alpha and Beta reading (that’s where you guys come in; go down to the bottom to get more info on that), and even some time away from the book so I can look at it with fresh eyes.
  • And all throughout this, there’ll be more Dreamer excerpts and other material going up, more podcasts and interviews that I’ll be doing, and maybe even a Q&A if you guys want to ask me any questions. That’s something I’m thinking about, but that’s for later on into the Fall. Just thought I’d let you know where we were headed.
    I’m going to edit Dreamer a few times myself. I’m expecting that to take about 1-2 weeks, maybe 3 because I do want to have some time away from it to really look at it with a pair of fresh eyes, and also work on some of the projects I have coming up after Dreamer.
  • I’ve been putting up some more Dreamer stuff. There’s are a new excerpt up, as well as a Dreamapedia article (there’s also another one in the pipeline)
  • There are also other fun things that I’m planning for the future for Dreamer that won’t just be excerpts and Dreamapedia articles. Not sure exactly when I’ll be able to start them, but I am planning on hopefully having one in June, so we’ll see how that goes. I think you guys might like it; I like looking at stuff like that anyway.
  • I have a friend who said that she’d look over the first four chapters of it, so that’ll be exciting (for Dreamer, the chapters are much longer than what you might be used to). And this’ll be happening between this week and next week, while I’m still editing and rewriting and doing all that fun author stuff, so it won’t entirely affect alphas too much (except for making it a bit more polished before it gets in your hands)

Other Updates

  • In addition to the Dreamapedia article and the excerpt of Maya waking up, I’ve also posted a short story called “Banned!” (you’ll see that little banned stamp; the story’s not actually banned. I’ve had some people think the story was banned. Not the case.)
  • There’ll be short stories surfacing every few weeks on that site; I like giving everything that I post a week to really shine before posting something new, so yeah, that’s how my mind works. Assuming I stick to the schedule I’ve been having for the past few weeks, a new thing (aside from a podcast or newsletter) will go up on a Wednesday.

Okay, so if you made it to the bottom, you’re probably expecting what it is that I need your help with. Well, in about 3 weeks, when we’re midway through June, I will need Alpha readers for Dreamer. What’s an Alpha reader? Basically, you’re an early reader of the book. You’ll get to read what I have for Dreamer, and it won’t just be tiny excerpts, but the entire thing. You read it, I get feedback from you, and I can use that to make the book better based on your suggestions. So, Alpha readers and Beta readers (Betas come later in the process before the book goes to launch) have a really important job for any author.

For the Alphas (and eventually the Betas), I ask you to write down anything that you think you might want to bring to me so that I know what you guys think. Thoughts about characters, pacing, plot, descriptions, any and everything you could think of, I want down. The more detailed you get, the better I can learn what to change and what to fix. I’m only looking for 5, so it’s first come, first serve. If you want to be a Alpha, just shoot me a message either in this email (if you’re on the mailing list), on the contact form  on my website, or even message me on my Facebook or Twitter.

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