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How’d I Get Started? (And Why Should You Care?)

Fifth grade.

English class.

The assignment: write about a true event that happened to me. So being the kind, thoughtful, considerate, obedient student I am… completely ignored my teacher’s instructions and wrote a fantasy story about death, love, and what it means to be a hero. Incorporating literally every idea that popped in my head onto the page (and after days of my hand cramping from writing so fast), I finally finished the story, and from there, my love of writing was born. The boundless creativity kept me going and, in my first few years, I would sit on the computer, cranking out several stories a week and writing on the computer until it was time for dinner, and I realized just then that I was hungry.

So what’s with this story? Why should you care about why this 10 year old started writing? That first story made me fall in love with writing and start writing as seriously as I did. It gave me an outlet for my insane and crazy ideas. Dreamer, the first story I wrote for myself, had its start in that year… from a dream no less! And now it’s on the road to publication! Writing that story about getting trapped in the bathroom made me realize my want to move people between worlds through words, show them the unique ideas that I have bottled up inside my crazy little mind, and show them that characters that run around in there constantly. That story made me want to create a piece of writing that someone like you could enjoy.

The creativity may’ve gotten me going, but I’ve been writing ever since then and haven’t stopped yet. Writing throughout my teens and getting increasingly serious about the quality of the stories I write, I’ve worked hard and thought about the kind of professional writer I want to be. And that’s led me here. But… writing isn’t my full-time job. When I’m not reading, writing, or dreaming up my latest fictional world, I’m studying for my degree in Adolescent English Education to teach high school students English and Creative Writing. I live and study in New York State in the U.S.