New Year, Newsletter (Feb. 24, 2018)

Hey guys! Okay, so, I have some explaining to do. There wasn’t a newsletter put out for January… things just got a bit busy with personal stuff and school (which just started back up the 22nd, and the letters normally go out the 24th). So yeah, kinda dropped the ball there. So, this newsletter will be a double letter: January and February. It’ll be a long one, but let’s get started!

“Dreamer” News

  1. Cover Designer news. I did speak to some people, narrowed it down to two. But I can’t do anything with the cover designer till I have an exact page number for the book, the dimensions that I want to use, and a bunch of technical stuff. We’ll be waiting on a cover for a couple months, but we will have one soon. I’ll let you know when that comes out.
  2. There’s a new excerpt up for “Dreamer”. I posted it a couple days ago. This one’s from chapter 3, when Maya’s reclaiming her power. Kinda fun. I like it, at least.
  3. Two chapters have been finished for Dreamer, and a third is currently through the wringer; we’re on our way, and on schedule, I’d say, to finish this first draft by the end of April. Otherwise, we’ll push the deadline back. If it comes to that, you’ll find out.
  4. I made a post about this on the Facebook page, but I’m bringing back an old character. Her name’s Talia, she has a blue iris and black pupil, and she says she’s here to help our protagonist, Maya… but she did lie, so, something interesting there. Just a little tease to get you guys interested. Other old characters I’m bringing back in some way, shape, or form, a Dreamer by the name of “CK Steinhem”, an antagonist named “Leviathan” (she’ll be a bit of an amalgamation, really cool what I’m seeing her doing!), and a character named “Mackenzie”. I might know what she’s doing, but that’s not entirely set in stone. I just really want to use the name “Mackenzie”, and I kind of have a thought, but again, don’t quote me on that. We’ll mainly see new characters in book 2, but I’m prepping things for later too.
  5. Along the same vein as 4, I’ve made a new character: Astrid Josefine Malmkvist. Sweden-born and raised, and going to D.R.E.A.M. Academy in Muse, NY (that’s our first location in the book, and where we’ll be spending the most time, at Maya’s college). I’ve figured out her personality, interviewed her, and have a few ways to bring her into the story and what she’ll do, so that’ll be fun!
  6. Also, we have A NEW VILLAIN… for the series, anyway. For the first book, the main antagonist is still Lucent, and that’s not changing. We have a new person that we’ll meet in book 1, Mr. Aaron Alston. He won’t have a major role to play in the first book, but I can guarantee he’ll be bigger for the later books. So far, I know that he’s a genius, 22-year old inventor, and the CEO of a company I’ve tentatively called “Ultima”; that’ll possibly change, although I’m not sure yet. He’s from a different universe than the core Dreamer team, and first meets them after Maya causes a bit of multiversal mayhem. He has a bit of a magneto complex, and uses technology to become a real thorn in the side of Maya and the others. Still have things to figure out with our newest bad guy, but I’m working through some things with him, so new developments will probably be coming up soon.
  7. I’m currently in the process of doing a bunch of marketing stuff for the future: getting character cards for Maya and the others, book trailers, maybe a Q & A in the future if I can get enough questions and people interested, so, there’s a bunch of Dreamer stuff coming up in the next couple months and I’m excited!

Miscellaneous Updates

  • The podcast that I did on January 18th was a success! I have it posted on the home page, and I made a post on my facebook and twitter pages. It was so fun talking it out with Rachel, and I’m definitely planning on going back when the book is officially published, so you’ll hear from me again on that. If you want to check it out, here’s the link
  • And speaking of podcasts, I have another one set for a few months from now. Someone saw me on Emma’s White Room podcast (link up above), and now they want me on theirs! April 13, 2018, I’ll be appearing on “Origins: Stories on Creativity” at 3pm EST. It’ll be a solely audio podcast, so if you want to listen in while we’re live or hear it after the fact while working out or going about your busy lives, you can do that! We’ll be geeking out about creativity and writing and my career (we’ll no doubt hear about “Dreamer”) and things’ll just be really fun. I’ll remind you guys in the next newsletter, and let you know how it went in the April newsletter! I’ll post a link to it when I get it as well.
  • The about page and the home page have been edited a little bit. Not very majorly, but I do have pictures up of me on the “My Story” tab (it used to be “About Ja-Mel”), and on my Facebook page (the link has been changed, by the way, it’s now, and also on my Twitter page (@JVinsonii).

I missed a newsletter, but I’ll try to be better and get things out more consistently for you guys. Again, share and follow the Facebook or Twitter pages if you have them. You don’t even need to have an account to view my pages and the things that I post. In case you wanted to view it, but you didn’t want to get a social media account, you don’t have to, so yeah! See you guys next month with a writing update!