Post-Christmas Newsletter! (Dec. 27, 2017)

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Hey guys! So we made it! 2017 is ending in less than a week! Hopefully you all had an amazing year and good things have happened! And hopefully things continue to get better next year! So I’m not sure if you noticed, but there wasn’t a newsletter posted on my normal day (the 24th of the month). I made a post on my facebook page, but if you weren’t able to view it (or just didn’t know about the page), it was because my birthday is December 24th and I turned 18; a huge milestone, yes! So, I decided to postpone writing and sending a newsletter to relax and enjoy my day. Christmas also passed on the 25th for us in the states (as well as some other countries throughout the world), and that was a nice and relaxing time with family. Some very exciting things have happened in the past couple weeks and some even more exciting things are coming up for next year related to Dreamer and just the site in general, but we’ll get to those in the “Miscellaneous News” section!

“Dreamer” News

  1. I started pushing for a cover designer, and while I’m between a couple people now, I will have one soon and we’ll hopefully get working on a cover soon. Expect more information for that, not in the January Newsletter, but the February one.
  2. Progress has been made in the overall story of Dreamer, with me taking a long look at the history and purpose of the True Dreamer (which there will likely be a post on in the upcoming days) and figuring out how things might’ve changed with them in the 600 years since they first came to be.
  3. Dreamer has been getting written up and worked on! We are making progress with it, so no worries on that front! I’ve recently given myself the goal of getting this current draft done by the end of April at the latest, and movements into editing and beta-reading will happen from there. I’ll keep you updated as these newsletters go on.
  4. There’s a second Dreamer-related post on the site. It’s been up for a few weeks at this point discussing what the Supernaturals of the Dreamer world have to do if they want to have control over their powers (we also get some tiny little snippets of dialogue from Maya’s grandmother!). If you’re interested in information about what you’d need to do to control the power to move things with your mind or control someone like a puppet, I’d encourage you to check it out! There will also be one on the history of the True Dreamers, talking about who they are, when they were active, and all manner of things. It delves into their history (which is an alternate history of our own world) and even gives a little bit of information about what’ll be discussed in the book. It’s coming up in later weeks and it’ll be really cool if you like history or even just want to see how crazy I’ve gotten with details! Watch the Facebook page for updates!
  5. Dreamer has a new blurb on its main page, and I’m still working on it as we speak! Looking at the central conflict of the book, if you think that there’s anyone that could be interested in this book, I would greatly appreciate you sharing it with them or even on your own social media accounts to promote the book being released on 2018 (yes, 2018 is our year!)! It helps me get more exposure to do what I love, which is just create amazing stories for you all!


Miscellaneous Updates

  • I’m going to be on a podcast on January 18th, 2018 for The White Room. It’ll be an interview about Dreamer, as well as me as a writer; why I write, how and why I’ve decided to publish the way I do, and other things. It’ll be happening between 5-7pm UK time (scale appropriately from there), and I’ll make a post on the facebook page when we’re live and recording. If I have access to a recording of the podcast, I will post that on the Facebook Page as well.
  • The site’s gotten an overhaul. I’ve changed the layout, fonts, color palette, a message on the homepage (along with links to my social media accounts in the top right), and we even have a new tab! Really, it’s gotten a change, so if you didn’t like the teal and gray, things are different!
  • SHORT STORIES!!! I’ve posted two short stories on the website (under the “Short Stories” heading): Love Kills andForget Me Maybe. They aren’t fantasy shorts, but I would still check them out because they’re nice, small stories and you might even like them! I have another short coming out soon called “Footprints”, that’s currently penned as a mystery/fantasy, so keep an eye out for that.
  • A Facebook video on me will be coming out in the next few days, and if I can get it onto the site somehow, I will definitely try to. Planning out what will happen with the cameraman now, and getting schedules to align! So keep posted for that!

Okay, so this was a big email and there was a lot in it I know, but we have so much amazing stuff coming up in the new year and beyond! Soon enough, Dreamer will be out there for you all to read and enjoy and big steps have been made towards that recently! I hope you’ve enjoyed your Christmas holiday and you enjoy your January as well! See you on the 24th of the new year with another newsletter!