Thanksgiving Newsletter! (Nov. 24, 2017)

cropped-logo-color-background2.jpgHappy Thanksgiving

Hey guys; hope you’re having an awesome night (or day or afternoon depending on when you open this). So it was Thanksgiving yesterday in the US. It was nice. I ate some food, hung out with family, experienced my first food coma (at least I think so. I slept for a few hours after eating). All-in-all, a good night. I’ll get to nanowrimo and some hopes for the next month in a little bit, but if you did try to get onto the site, URL changed. Hopefully you didn’t realize because it redirects back to the actual site automatically, but in case it didn’t for you, the new site is Also, I’ll be posting short stories and things like that up on the site periodically, so we will have more content than what’s available right now. Now, onto the big things.


Nanowrimo kinda didn’t work out as I had hoped. School kinda interfered and I wasn’t able to finish or even get close to my goal in terms of where I should be. I hadn’t really been writing that much for the story, but I had wanted to write for Dreamer so badly and considering I could always redo the story next year for nano, I decided to drop it and pick it up next year. No harm, no foul. I’ll just have to do better next time around (and be more prepared)!

“Dreamer” News

In light of what happened with my nano story and the fact that I wanted to work on Dreamer so badly, I started writing for Dreamer again. I got further in the general worldbuilding, figuring things out behind the scenes; more work on character motivations, thinking about the “whys” of the world. Ultimately, nano and my general time management for November made me unable to get much done. Figuring things out behind the scenes though and working out some character stuff, so there’s still some progress being made. I’ll try to be better for next month and get more stuff rolled out. Also, speaking of stuff coming out…

Miscellaneous Updates

More writing-related content will be posted on the website ( I’ll be posting short stories and more information on the world of Dreamer. Something will definitely be posted on December 1, but if I can get something out before then, I definitely will. Just keep following the site and don’t be afraid to share it with people if you like what I’m doing. Thank you guys so much! I know there aren’t many of you right now, but I appreciate the people I do have! Keep being awesome!